Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where the drive ends and the wedding begins

This evening I write to you from a rocking chair on a deck at my final southern destination. But let’s review the events of the day, shall we?

I missed the turnover on the odometer. I’m a touch over 1100 miles at this point.

I made it to North Carolina. I got off the highway and took 221S, a sloping, winding country road. It looks like Christmas tree country. In every direction, on every slope of land are Christmas trees at different stages of life.
Hello, ladies.
Hello, asshat.
Hello, Blowing Rock.
Hello, old friend. I knew we'd meet again.
Honey, I’m home! The Cone Memorial Park is on the Parkway. Long ago an incredible home, it’s now a craft center, selling handmade products from local artists.
The view from the porch is pretty sweet. I *think* that body of water below is where my brother is getting married Saturday. Because it makes me happy, let’s just go on that assumption.
Walking trails surround the grounds.

I sat in front of the carriage house for quite a while, enjoying the view and the cool breeze. I actually wore a sweater. In NC. No kidding.

And then off to my final destination . . .

The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

The thing that has made me giggle for eight months now.

Give it up for the . . . 

Argue all you like. Said quickly and casually, it sounds funny.

So I’m in the condo now, waiting for the rest of the bridal party to arrive. There’s no Internet access at the condo, so I’ll be posting future entries from the main lodge. I can’t promise at this point that I’ll write each night, but I’ll try. Who knows, you might even see me in future pictures...

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