Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why I'll never again do a "Part I" post

So the last time we talked, I had just spent some time in Charlotte with Little Brother. Immediately after the post hit the Web, I got this text.

As the days progressed, the texts kept coming.

I'm pretty sure I flat-out ignored that and went to a different topic.

He used different approaches, but his efforts were thwarted.

Then he tried guilt. Which is funny. We're not Catholics. I don't understand the concept.

I probably didn't address that either.

Once in a while we talked about other deep things.

And sometimes I was able to divert his attention. Family tree stuff is a good area for that. Like the time that I went far enough back in the tree that his last name (from my stepfather, my brother's father) popped up on our mom's side.

And the time I found his family crest. This explains a lot about Stepfather.

And then there was the day that I introduced him to emoji emoticons.

I'll be honest--the poop emoticon still gets a lot of use.

And there was a lot of snow talk.

This winter has been a bear. It was regular fodder.

But somehow it always came back to the damn blog.

And it always came back to Little Brother being "helpful."

Because we all talk with our siblings this way, right?

So today I was thinking of the best way to honor my brother on his birthday. And it has become abundantly clear to me how vital this blog is to his happiness and peace of mind. So happy birthday, Little Brother! I love you bunches and will always text with you. Even though you're wicked geeky. xoxo