Monday, September 6, 2010

Rockport, MA, on the last weekend of the summer

September?! WTF?

Hurricane Earl, for all its hype, provided a sprinkle here in NH. We hearty New Englanders have such a beating-the-chest-yelling-Hit-Me! attitude about these things. So boo hiss on that lackluster performance.

However, sure that the ocean would speak more loudly than the clouds, I went with a couple friends to Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, MA, Saturday afternoon.

I'd forgotten how beautiful the park is. I haven't been since the summer before I moved to NH, about five years ago. Halibut is the place we went to cool down on hot days--not a beach, per se, but a fiercely rocky, rugged section, with views all the way up to Maine. Anyone wanting to avoid crowds should check this out.

The old quarry is the first thing one sees. A beautiful, still pool of water, with the ocean waiting beyond.

Then there's a winding path of green that opens up to the harsh shoreline. We were there in the waning afternoon sun, along with many others who were eager to see big waves. And the waves were . . . okay. Great by NE standards, but still piddly small.

We got pretty close to the action. I could feel the sea spray each time water came up over these rocks. Folks started to back up as the water came in. I did see one girl go out onto a rock that was surrounded by water. Dumb dumb dumb.

And then there's the company I keep. I love these crazy broads. So mellow and free spirited. When we reached the shore, all three went our separate ways. Each of us spent time alone, taking it all in and thinking about everything and nothing. We finished the day off with drinks and apps at the Choate Pub in Ipswich.

The best line, however, came from the ride home. Friend: This was the best night ever. Me: Hiccup.

Classy as always. Peace out.