Saturday, May 21, 2011

A beautiful day for the rapture

I'm in Gettysburg, bitches!

Pennsylvania is a promising place to be on the day of the rapture. Exhibits A and B:

Oh, wait. How'd that get in there?


That tested my comfort zone. But I forged ahead to Gettysburg and got a room at the Hampton Inn. I think I'll start doing this to my shower curtain:

Gettysburg is an odd town. After the WalMart, Staples, and McDonald's, there is a tight downtown that centers around a roundabout. 

It looks calm in that picture, but it's actually hectic and loud. Lots of motorcycles revving. And every street was lined with people selling stuff, like a stretched-out flea market. I liked this woman's stuff, especially the big wooden fish.

Right nearby is an inexplicably creepy figure of Lincoln giving a bland guy directions.
Oh hell, I can't get it to flip correctly.

For dinner, I went to the famed Farnsworth Inn. It's covered in bullet holes from a shootout during the war. You can see a couple here, above the window.
They have a lovely deck. And the food is scrumptious. The spoon bread was delicious, but perhaps mostly because the butter is so good (and so salty). The pumpkin fritters are not to be missed. Sooo good. And the chicken pot pie was lovely. I wonder whether they put a tiny dash of curry into it. It has that yellow color and there seemed to have a slight taste in it. Very subtle. What's not subtle, however, is Old Pete's Punch. (which is also sideways; sorry, folks)

Good lord, that was a lot of food. I had to take a walk after that. That's when things turned a little ugly. Look at these hussies on a corner. Totally up to no good.
And their male clientele were shameless.


So it seems a little odd (to me anyway) that a town's main street can run through a national park. But after their blatant display of prostitution, nothing surprised me. Just a minute up the road on Baltimore Street is Gettysburg National Military Park. Completely serene, aside from the motorcycles. I spent a little time in the cemetery and the location of the Battle of Cemetery Hill. I don't know anything about the battle at Gettysburg, so I'll just roll the film...
19 unknown US soldiers and a soldier from the Spanish American War.


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