Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paris part II: obligatory Eiffel Tower pics

This post doesn't require a lot of text, so just enjoy the ride.

Weird Band-Aid wall art in Montmartre, with the tower wayyy in the distance. Makes me wanna crush it with my thumb and forefinger. *pinch pinch pinch*
Our first day. A little goofy with excitement and exhaustion.

And I present to you the leaning Tower of Eiffel. And Robin and me for good measure.
 . . . and Robin and Gienna

Finally, we meet.

We agreed to meet up at the carousel by the Eiffel Tower that afternoon. Did you know there are TWO carousels? May have lost a couple hours there (and I may have flung myself across a busy street to get Robin and Gienna, who were getting in a cab to go back to the hotel). The art on the carousel reminds me of things that are wrong, like candy cigarettes and a Smurf figurine holding a mug of beer.

Late that afternoon, we had a lovely picnic beneath the tower. As it happens, there is a lot of girl-on-girl love going on in that park. Ah, the French.

My new boyfriend, hanging out by the tower.

And, of course, there are little towers to be had everywhere. Nancy looks adorable here with her sparkly tower.

While the bateaux may seem tacky and touristy, it gives a great view, and without any tourists to muck it up.

And one evening, Noelle and I wandered around the top of Montmartre and, at midnight, caught the hourly light show. It would seem cheesy, except that it was so quiet and so far away. It almost feels like your own little secret. And then it's gone . . .

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