Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please stop feeding me!

I'm sitting in the lodge with a very full tummy, so I'll write quickly before I fall into a food coma.

This morning, the bride treated us to incredible massages at the Chetola spa. Deep-body massage, where have you been all my life?! Why have I never done this before? It was lovely. I honestly felt a little tipsy afterward. And incredibly mellow. More beauty treatments tomorrow. Perhaps a radical haircut? I'm thinking about it.

We checked out the grounds where the wedding will be taking place. The swans were out on the water, the tent was being assembled, and the bridge was getting a touch-up coat of paint. Pretty idyllic. Well done, little brother.

Then we had a bridal luncheon at the Meadowbrook Inn. The entire terrace was reserved for us. The meal was amazing, and we all ate until it hurt. I had my first sweat tea. And some sort of mind-blowing dessert that tasted like candy.

While, as a rule, I don't like rhododendrons, I thought they made a very nice centerpiece this afternoon.
And at the entrance to the Inn, a welcome to incoming guests (hint: we're not the pool party). Folks are beginning to arrive tonight. My parents (and their entourage) have already arrived.
And, yes, we too are madly curious about "shag dancing."

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