Friday, July 18, 2014

Someone needs a new guide book

The life of a travel blogger isn't always glamorous. And on a day like today when all it did was rain, a lot of time is spent like this.

I started heading up 103. It was like this for the entire ride.

I told myself not to go down any roads--just head to the next inn. But then this happened.

Port Mouton: Sheep Overboard--what?
So I pulled off the highway to investigate and ended up on a bumpy road that ended here.

Paradise! And so what if it was spitting out and about 65 degrees and the water froze my toes almost immediately. I took off my shoes and walked the whole thing. Because I'm here to walk beaches. I present to you: Carter's Beach



This is perhaps the clearest body of water I've ever seen outside a swimming pool. It was amazing. The pictures don't do it justice.

Not paradise, however, are my shoes. They are just about ready for a time out after all the sea and sand and sweat. Blech.

Midday, I was hungry. I consulted my trusty guide book and the word "scallop" drew me to this place.

Sold! Pedal to the metal! Onward to Bridgewater! Vite vite!

It's in a residential neighborhood, just off the main drag through town. I drove up the street. I drove down the street. I put my phone on roaming to figure out where it was as I went around the block again and again.

So hungry... Why isn't this working? I pulled to a stop and googled the place while a couple of old guys across the street watched me. In the google results, I saw the word "fire." What? Then I looked out my passenger side window.


I guess Cranberry's is no longer an option. See ya 'round, fellas. Off I drove. So hungry... My end destination was Mahone Bay. Twenty minutes, according to the map. No problem. I can handle that. Except that I, and about 16 other cars, got stuck behind a tractor the whole way and then got stalled out at some massive repaving project. My stomach and bladder were very, very angry at me.

Finally, Mahone Bay. In the rain. Hungry. I consulted my guide book again. It mentioned the Innlet Café, which sounded lovely. But when I got to the address, there was no restaurant by that name. Instead, I found myself at Kedy's, where I was rewarded for my patience.


Local red ale on tap

Spinach and carrot cream soup. I need to learn how to make this.

Crème brulee was simply the right thing to do.

The view from the restaurant is of the three famous churches. This is what they look like between rain drops. Everyone says the sun will be back tomorrow, so today's just a wash (ba-dum).

The weather was so miserable, it seemed like a good idea to just get to the inn and curl up with a book. So that's what I've been doing for the past couple hours. I'll take pictures of the outside tomorrow, but inside, this is my apartment for three nights at Bayview Pines Country Inn.

This is one of many apartments in a converted barn.

Full kitchen and deck out back overlooking the bay

Loft bedroom

I came across a guest book that invites folks to write the story of their visit. And the entries were mostly sweet. 

I love the handwriting and the translations. Apparently a lot of Germans come to NS. Not sure where these folks are from; I'm just going on other signatures in the book.
Some were...different.

This person wrote a whole story based on real things in the area, like the alleged hidden treasure on Oak Island and wild ponies on Sable Island.

And then we have our overachievers. Thanks a lot, Susanne, for making the rest of us appear so pedestrian.


Cross your fingers for sunshine tomorrow. And then where are we going? North or south? I've been debating it all afternoon and probably won't decide until I turn the ignition tomorrow.


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