Saturday, July 19, 2014

Playing tourist

Not much time this morning. I am starting to sleep in later because I don't have a cat smacking me in the face at 5 a.m. And yesterday was full. The inn I'm staying at has the perfect porch overlooking a bay at Indian Point. And now that the sun is out, I can share it with you.

The blueberry pancakes here are nothing to sneeze at either. The water pressure here is . . . how does one describe something so light and tender . . . like angels spitting gently on your head. Ahhh...

And my only complaint is this. Guinea hens.

I hate these things so much that I've blogged about hating them. That's how much I hate them. It's a personal childhood thing.

With a full tummy and sunshine overhead, I drove back south to tackle some unfinished business. First up, Rissers Beach. Not only is there a long expanse of sandy coast, but there's also a great boardwalk to enjoy over the marsh. I believe this is primarily for bird watching, but I didn't see many birds. Pretty all the same.

After that, I rode around the LaHave Islands. It was okay, but I don't think you're missing out if you skip it. And probably the number one attraction in the area is the LaHave Bakery. The tourist traffic is impressive--everyone parks along a narrow main road and just wanders across the street. The poor guys on town trash duty were patient as folks had to move cars and it just got hectic.

It's very pretty and old-timey inside, and when you order a sandwich, they ask, "chips or carrots?" I thought that was pretty cool and got some raw carrot strips to crunch on. Outside, I sat for a bit and watched the water.

I really appreciate how folks here warn you when you're heading into a bad neighborhood.

Blue Rocks, outside Lunenburg is another spot people gush about. It was a nice little ride along the ocean. I was way more annoyed that I found sheep and couldn't visit them because this is a private road. But I did have a Sheepies!! moment as I drove by and then banged a U-ey (New Englanders, how does one spell that?) to quickly go back.

The little white specks are sheep
With all the things in your guidebook pointing you in different directions, DO pay attention to Lunenburg. It's such a pretty town. One could walk for hours taking pictures of the colored houses and architecture. Here are some brief samples.

And I did finally eat scallops while in Lunenburg. And they were okay. I made a tourist error. I forewent the good advice of my innkeeper and instead went to the most obvious tourist spot because I wanted to stare at the water view. So the food was okay, but I wouldn't go back. Dumb, dumb tourist.

The water view is sweet.

I was texting back and forth with family during the day, and my sister in law laughed when I said to come to Nova Scotia because it's warm and beautiful. She asked what warm was, I think it went something like, "What exactly is hot? 65 degrees...? LOL" Whatev, Ligia. it's 73 sweet degrees, so take that. I've been in a tshirt the whole time, sometimes tossing on a hoodie when I'm by the water. I think it's perfect. Ligia, put on some long underwear and head up here next summer.


Because there still was some daylight, I did the ultimate tourist thing. A thing I haven't done in all the times I've been coming up here. I went to Peggy's Cove. And I liked it more than I expected.

I went down to a spot where I thought the light hit the lighthouse better, and found all the pros setting up shop for sunset. *pats self on back for learning a little something about photography over the past year*

Finally found some blue sky and this person wouldn't move. Grrrr. Impossible to get shots of the lighthouse without people in it. Damn tourists.

Just before sunset, people were mostly gone. And then the light became just right, and the little village started to look all dreamy and pretty and postcardy.

Today's adventure is Halifax. And it's Pride Week(s)! Unfortunately the parade is next week. But I'm still hoping for a lively crowd. Cheers!

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