Friday, April 12, 2013

Dear Galway...

You know what's funny, Galway? I brought these:

I'm totally getting used to the rain. In fact, it became sunny in Dublin, so I immediately made Gienna drive us the hell out of there. Because sun is bullshit.
Gienna, follow that angry cloud!
When we initially booked this trip, the car scared us. According to the paperwork, it "legally" fits three people. What kind of car carries three people? A wedge?  Were we going to be driving, essentially, a slice of pizza across Ireland?  Hardly. Our "Micra" is a magnificent little chariot. I think all the scary paperwork is to set up Americans for a normal-size car. There are no SUVs here. Everyone's car is generally the same modest size. I like it, Galway. I really do.
Our paperwork is such that only Gienna is insured to drive. I feel a little bad about that, so I made up a game in which I point at cars and screech, "WHO'S DRIVING THAT CAR?!"
You know, because there's no one in the proper driver 's side.
Gienna totally loves that game.

So we made our way through 3,148 roundabouts to Galway. I helped by holding the GPS and saying, "go straight." To which Gienna sometimes responded, "Straight this way, or straight that way?" What?

We're at St. Judes B&B tonight and tomorrow. It's all cute and stuff.
We walked to town and took some essential photos.

We ate at this joint because it was mentioned in two guide books.

Then you'll never guess what happened. It rained. So we ducked into an antique shop. There we were immediately challenged by a gentleman who wanted to discuss the percentage of people imprisoned by the U.S. relative to Russia and China combined. He kept muttering, "Home of the free. That's rich." Then he said that one in every two black men in America has spent time in prison. I told him that I know two black men, and neither of them has been in prison, so that totally negates his argument. 

Nah, that's not true. I only know one black man.

The crazy man left after Gienna did some ninja backtalk at him. I didn't hear it all; I was busy Christmas shopping. Some of you are going to totally luck out this year.

With purchases in tow, we wandered out into the streets to take lots of photos like the tourists we are, consoling each other that photos totally look better under gray skies. Then you'll never guess what happened. It rained.

We ducked into a pub and got coffee and tea. And Gienna was patient as I played with every single setting on my camera. Most of my other friends would have punched me in the face by now. But Gienna just kept saying, "You're not going to post these, right?" No. Of course not.

Totally not Gienna. And by the third shot, he turned and stared.
Yes, I am Obnoxious American Girl!  That is my super power.
The rain let up, and we shopped some more. And we checked out historical artifacts.
This is a door. Just a door. All by itself. 

And we took pictures against angry skies.
And listened to some music.
And enjoyed some dinner and drinks, and then ended the evening with dessert and tea. I can't get enough tea. Which is probably why I'm wired now, while Gienna is passed out cold in her bed, holding her Kindle. And maybe I'm a little scared to go to sleep. Gienna gets a little shouty in her sleep. She woke herself this morning after shouting, "Can you just wait five minutes?" I stayed completely still in bed, for fear of a beating. But I'm a little snorey in my sleep, and I won't be mad if she throws a shoe at me in the middle of the night sometime this week. It won't be the first time.

Nighty night!

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