Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Dublin...

First, I would like to apologize deeply for the groups of Americans wearing matching "Ireland: Let's-Find-Our-Roots Tour 2013" type shirts. There were a lot of those at Logan, and I'll speak to my fellow countrymen about that. In the meantime, someone named Liam, who sounded like he belonged to you, talked awfully loudly the entire bus ride from NH to Logan. Maybe you could take care of that in return? Sweet.

Your country rains a lot. Merely an observation. It even rains when it's sunny. Gienna and I were very impressed with how intensely it could pour while the sun was shining. It's a gift, really.

I appreciate that you know how ridiculous Americans are. Your crosswalks show that you're really looking out for us. Thanks much.

You have a lot of statues.
Why do these birds keep shitting on my face?!?!

Ahem, what wares is she peddling here, Dublin?

Damn, give that guy a sandwich.

You have the same kind of odd street indentations we have in Boston.

You sure do like your cobble stones. 
The sun came out for 4.2 glorious seconds. 

Your Trinity College Library is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. And I hate myself for not bringing my good camera today.

I am not amused...

This guy right here--his job is to vacuum books. You read that correctly.

By the way, thank you SO much for letting us sneak a few pictures of the Book of Kells.
Personally, I think it looks like something a kid could draw.

You totally score on kitsch points.

Guinness. Mmm, Guinness.

Gienna looking adorable and happy at Neary's.
You have a beautiful park, that's pretty even when it rains.

You put vegetables in your mashed potatoes and serve something called loin of bacon (Gienna and I have decided it tastes like pork chop +). De-lish.

And you have very old things.
Christ Church Cathedral, founded c. 1030.

This looks Romanish. But it's sorta sad and just sitting there. Maybe a diagram explaining
what's happening here would help silly travelers like me?

It was a beautiful door. Don't mind the tarp and cord. I can't edit pics at the moment.

"Sick & Indicent [sic] Roomkeepers Society, Founded AD 1790." Say what?
We take off for Galway in the morning, and your weather did not permit us to see all we wanted to see. But I already want to come back to your fine city.


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