Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dear Connemara...

Class, can anyone guess what happened today in Ireland? That's right, Timmy. It rained.

I came to the conclusion that maybe Gienna doesn't like the "WHO'S DRIVING THAT CAR?!" game when she suggested taking a bus tour through Connemara. Mental note on that.

We were picked up at the B&B by Michael O'Malley of Galway Tours, and he was a fun, light-hearted tour guide. I have approximately six minutes to blog while Gienna gets ready, so--Gerty, roll the tape.
In Cong, location where The Quiet Man was filmed. I haven't seen it either.

Monks used to live in this hut and fish through a hole in the bottom while sitting by a fire. Take that, Thoreau.

More of Cong.

Bus windows = bad pictures. But next to EVERY ewe was a little lamb. And they were everywhere!
The sheep whisperer was pleased by this.

Kylemore Abbey was originally a castle a man built for his wife. Take note, gentlemen.

It was raining sideways, so we didn't go the gardens at Kylemore Abbey.
But  there was a  mini recreation at the visitor center, so you're welcome.

Face cutout! Yesss!
Okay, it's dawn and we have a long day of driving ahead. Onward!

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