Saturday, July 23, 2011

Go west, young lady, Part I

I'm in my happy place. And that would be Western Mass. Does everyone love their college town as much as I love mine? This is my second annual birthday trip out here. This year, however, I came alone and with purpose. And it's all good.

The Quabbin Reservoir, a body of water that flooded out four towns in Massachusetts in 1938ish, is a sweet milestone that lets me know I'm about 20 minutes from the promised land. It also set the stage for a horror movie that starred one of my celebrity boyfriends, Robert Downey Jr.
Please do yourself a favor and go to Amherst sometime. And while you're there, do not pass go, do not collect $200, but go directly to Antonio's, a serious Amherst institution. Imagine a world of rainbows, puppies, and pizza dreams. That is Antonio's.
Antonio's offers a bevy of pizza options. It's one of those jam-packed, fast-paced joints. A girl needs to pick quickly and smartly.
I opted for chicken bacon ranch. It was creamy love.
After dinner, I rounded the corner to check out the bookstore.
Wait a minute. Closer inspection...
Hmmm, she seemed so cranky and "cool" while I was wandering around in there. Now I see, she was just concentrating.
A hippie dumpster out behind the CVS. And I'm not lying when I write that the gentle sent of pot wafted through the air. Ahhh, Amherst.

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