Saturday, April 5, 2014

Benign neglect

Hello, Winston-Salem! More accurately, hello, world's largest coffee pot!

Actually, it's not that big.

I was disappointed.

Also here is Old Salem Village. It's a Moravian community from eastern Europe that settled here in the 1700s. There's an open main street that you can walk down, but you can also enter through the admission building and get an all-access pass ($23) to wander through buildings as you like. It's small and pretty, and there was hardly anyone here. No crowds = happy mill girl.
Maude, roll the tape.


Now, this building on the left is really big. It's where all single men lived and learned trades: The Single Brothers' House

And the first person we saw was this guy . . .

And he wasn't wearing a ring. Apparently the sign is apt. o.O

We talked to him for a bit, and I remarked on some interesting door hinges that I'd never seen before (because I'm a geek). He responded that the great thing about benign neglect is that you can see everything in its original state. Benign neglect. I like that.

Krispy Kreme's beginnings. They were forced to move when it was
decided to make it a historical area. 

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I get the feeling they're talking about me.

At the top of the road is the Moravian cemetery, God's Acre. Apparently, all Moravian cemeteries are called this. Women, men, and children are separated, and all stones are flat because all people are equal in eternity.


Apparently there's one for rent.


We lost Ligia at the back of the cemetery. She talked with this woman for a while.
At the end, they hugged. I think she told Ligia the meaning of life. Ligia won't confirm or deny.
After Winston-Salem, we went to High Point for one reason.
World's largest chest of drawers. With Ligia and Little brother for size reference.
After walking around town a bit, Little brother observed that the town's name is a bit of a misnomer. Perhaps it should just be Point, NC. I would never saying something so mean.
We somehow found a radio station that played every lost hit from the 80s. Ligia and I had a good time singing, and Little brother was really patient. I love that Ligia appears so quiet but is really just happily doing her own thing.
Rock on, sis!

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