Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baby girl misses out on frog jam

Listen up, New England: Today someone called me "baby girl." I liked it! I may have blushed. So feel free to take up that habit once I get home. It's infinitely better than "ma'am."

So the weather. Dang.

Don't mind the forecast, they said.
Rain storms come and go really quickly, they said.

You can stop grinning, weather bastard.
*Goes back into suitcase unused. Again.*
There was no escaping rain today. But I made a solid effort. I headed down country roads between Dublin and Brunswick, GA. I made a terrible error in judgment by not stopping at a roadside stand selling toe jam and frog jam.
All I have is this terrible picture advertising their hot sauce. I won't lie--butt burner hot sauce sounds scary.
Later research revealed that toe jam and frog jam are tangerine-orange-elderberry and fig-raspberry-orange-ginger jams, respectively. So far, skipping this stand is my only regret on this trip. But I have five days (FIVE!) left on this road trip, so I'll be on the lookout.


In other news, like a cowboy with a wild horse, I have broken this push-button voodoo car. I've made it my bitch. I push that button with full confidence now. I know you were all concerned a couple days ago. The car and I have come a long way.

The voodoo car and I made it down to Brunswick, which is a cute little town with so much potential, but it looks like it's seen better days. Saint Simon, a little further east, is a wealthy community that is home to Christ Church. I was really looking forward to this.
So of course it's only closed today.
This is my first real experience with Spanish moss, so I was all camera happy. I wish there had been a smidge of sun to help out a little. I have a feeling there will be many more pics like this in the days to come.

The rest of the afternoon was a bust. I went to Midway to check out Seabrook Village, an African American village museum. Except it just looked like a really dodgy house, so I turned my push-button car right around and got back onto the highway. Watching the clouds become darker, it was time to find a hotel room and an early dinner.

The waitress at the Sweet Tea Grille in Port Wentworth, GA, is my new bff. We chatted while the rain came down hard. She is originally from Arizona, and we talked about regional differences in our country. We talked about how an accent can immediately change the course of an exchange between two people and how hard it can be when people won't give you a chance. It's definitely been an experience in extremes. But no matter--I'm "baby girl" to at least one Georgian. That's enough for me.


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