Monday, July 22, 2013

Everything's coming up beach roses

Attention, editor friends. This place has crap Internet service, so I'm sitting in my car blogging. I'm not editing my work this morning, so you're getting a draft. Go easy on me.
Day 4: Digby to Brier Island
Mileage: 508

It's sad how modern conveniences have rendered us useless when it comes to something as simple as a clawfoot tub. And by "us," I mean me. My apologies to Margaret and Tony for managing to get water on every surface of that cute little bathroom. It was like A Perfect Storm, if the storm took place ON the boat. Sigh.

Breakfast at Mag Pyes, of course.

French toast with blueberries and homemade sausage. De-lish.
I started to get up, and Margaret told me to sit back down. "You can go when I say you can go." I sat proper. A moment later, everyone came out of the kitchen with a blueberry muffin holding a candle that played "Happy Birthday." It was kinda awesome. I gave Margaret a big hug before I left.

Then, sadly, it was time to get on the road.
Today's destination was Brier Island, at the very bottom of a long finger that extends from Digby. Digby neck is beautiful and smells entirely of beach roses. I think I took every right on my way down. Meandering little roads lead to beautiful, quiet coves. I didn't see any women. Sometimes the old men waved; sometimes they didn't. First stop: Gulliver's Cove. Gulliver was a pirate with a pretty fierce wife.

Trout cove, maybe? I started to lose count.

Sandy cove. Someone smart camped here last night.
Even smarter--he's keeping his beer cool.

A little fixer-upper in the middle of nowhere

A shout out to my brother and his kin.
I enjoyed my birthday muffin at Whale Cove after giving directions to some nice people in terrible French.

Fantastic corn chowder at Levena's Catch Cafe before hitting the ferry to Brier Island.

My home for the night--the Brier Lodge
Mowing the lawn at the Lodge is Ronnie the goat and his sheep friends.

From here, I took a jaunt down to Seal Cove. You know, to see seals.

I probably took 200 pictures; be glad you're looking at six.
A lighthouse on the other side of the island

Back to the Lodge for an awesome lobster roll and another gratuitous sheep shot

And back to Seal Cove as the tide came in and the sun went down
This seal was a total flirt and kept coming up and staring, then making a big splash going back down

I realized as I was taking pictures that I've never seen the sun set over the ocean before. Pretty awesome.


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