Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just a wee announcement

St. Patrick's Day seems like the appropriate day to announce that this broad:

and this broad:

 are going here in April:

Oh yeah. Imma get my sheep on fo realz. 

In gearing up for our trip in a few weeks, I'm geeking out and sponging up as much about Ireland as I can. I'm watching intellectual films, like PS, I Love You and Leap Year. I'm drinking a lot of beer. And I'm reading Irish writers for the first time. That last one has been the most eye-opening. Irish writers are a bunch of dirty bastards. But that'll wait for another entry.

Happy St. Patrick's day, everyone. Sláinte


  1. Well, I'm glad one of us had been reading up. You can be the U.S. cultural ambassador for the trip. Or my cultural ambassador. Or something. And, BTW, how do you pronounce Sláinte? :) Can't wait!!

  2. Ireland will never be the same! But, for God Sakes, Kelly, keep Gienna off the stairs!!!
    Have a great trip! xo