Sunday, October 31, 2010

And so jammy weekend season begins

Today I declared to be the first of jammy weekend season. I went grocery shopping Saturday night, which is my favorite--it's quiet, mellow, trance-like. There are no cranky children, no frazzled parents, no obstinate teens, no power corporate types. Just me. And a few guys buying beer on their way to someplace else. I mostly have the whole store to myself.

So, hunkered down with provisions, I woke this morning and took it wayyy easy. Hot chocolate, reading a little of The Book of Night Women (seriously, it's outstanding), toast with melted peanut butter...all the makings of a relaxed Sunday.

Eventually, I got myself motivated to begin a project I eyed recently: a beautiful flying geese miniature quilt. So I set myself up with candy, broke out the sewing machine and other props, and started in.

I purchased the materials at Checkerberries Quilt Shop, which is one of the most adorable quilt shops I've ever been in. It's full of beautiful fabric in muted tones--rustic Americana. Civil War prints, Little Women-inspired materials and quilts. It's all yummy. And the woman who runs the place is a sassy little minx. And it's right nearby, in Northwood, NH. I went there for the first time recently and was in awe.


I haven't quilted in a long time. Years. I don't know why. Crafting tends to be an on and off thing for me. When I'm stressed or shutting down, I craft more. At least that's what I've observed from a bird's eye view of my life. At points when I've lived with someone I didn't care for, I've been my most productive. Right now? I think I'm just happy that it's autumn, don't have social plans, and wanted to stay away from watching TV and movies all day on the computer (so much for canceling cable). So I got started.

This project, part of the "Jo's Little Women" series is a black and gold combination in the flying geese pattern. It's tiny, so it stitched up quickly--maybe three to four hours total so far.

The afternoon was spent at my kitchen table, with soup simmering on the stove, the dryer rumbling, and the sewing machine humming. I'm happy with how quickly this came together. There's something about that sense of accomplishment--sometimes it feels outside my reach. But I realize I'm my own worst enemy. There were a few times when I stood up from the table and my mind raced with other things I could be doing. It took discipline to sit back down and sew another row. I'm pretty fleeting about things. It's frustrating to have my mind racing in so many different directions.

But I did it! I made the whole front. Next will be buying batting, piecing the layers together, and beginning the stitching. Now THAT could take a while. But it's so stinking cute, and I'm so stinking proud of myself.

Hope your Halloween weekend was fab-o.

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