Friday, July 23, 2010

Headin' to the 01060

Friend w/sock puppet @bar

What a great birthday it turned out to be. Had a chocolate frappe for breakfast--'cause I can. Spent an obscene amount of money treating myself to new clothes that are not my typical style. Made my way slowly down to Boston. Met up with friends in Somerville for pre-dinner champagne, Indian food, and after-dinner drinks at the Precinct. Home well after midnight. Good stuff.

Part of what was fantastic yesterday, and I can't really explain this, is that I felt very confident. I had a bright smile for everyone. I spoke to strangers (unheard of--I'm a cold yankee to the core), struck up conversations, and made a lot of eye contact. Even with the perfume ladies at Macy's. A big smile and "No thank you." And I felt the rewards. It was contagious, the world felt good, and everything went...smoothly. Don't feel alarmed--I'm still a cranky girl. I don't know that I could have that kind of verve every day. But I needed it yesterday, and my super-human powers kicked in.

Now, heading west. Does everyone hold such adoration of their college town? Northampton and the rest of the Happy Valley speak to me, and I don't care if it rains or snows--I know I'll have a good time. My primary focus is go to the Peace Pagoda, the first Buddhist temple built in the United States. It's in Leverett, MA, which is a bizarro little woodsy town that I think of as a highly educated Appalachia. Happy sigh.

Anyway, I always cherished my time there--it's surreal and beautiful and calm. And I feel that I need a little time sitting on a mountain top, looking out forever, and breathing. Must go pack.


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