Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ringing in 2010

I've had a long weekend to think about resolutions and consider the year now behind me. And I'm not entirely sure I have resolutions at all, per se, but rather a goal for 2010.

I want more energy.

Everything lacking in my life, everything subpar, can be traced back to a lack of energy. And I believe that if I can bring more energy to my being, everything else will fall into place. If I have more energy, I will be in better shape and more motivated to move my body and treat it well. I will want to be more social and will make more friends. I will finish more projects, experience more things, and enjoy everything just a little more.

Rather than living life from behind half-closed eyes, with TV droning on in the background, increased energy will see me play with Millie the cat more, create beautiful and unique quilts and embroidered pieces. It will see me cooking more from scratch, feeling the weight of the knife as it slices vegetables, and inviting people over for dinner and good conversation. It will see me out on snowy days and unashamed to smile at strangers. It will make me feel more confident and at peace with myself. Yes, energy.

I will likely finish writing out the list of resolutions I started writing a couple weeks ago because I like to put it out there on paper for me to look at periodically, a reminder of who I want to be--who I can be--who I am. But for now, I just hold this goal up in my hand. Bring on the energy. And make 2010 a fiercely happy year.

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