Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I figured we're past the halfway mark and I might consider checking in on my New Year's resolutions. Let's see how Kelly's doing, shall we?
  1. Drink more. Check!
  2. Drink with artists. Some of my drinking friends doodle--check!
  3. Wear cuter underwear. Hmmm. There are still several months left to the year.
  4. Read the books on my shelves. Cookbooks, yes. But my rate of purchase definitely outdoes my rate of reading.
  5. Get regular haircuts. I have given myself two trims in my own bathroom. Not doing well with this one.
  6. Less TV. Crap. Not doing well on this front either. A little, but not much.
  7. Put pen to paper, fingers to keys. Check! Though not nearly as much as I ought to (and you wouldn't know by looking at this blog that I write anything more than resolution lists and occasional, strange essays.
  8. Read 1-2 books/month. Check! I don't think it matters that a lot of them are freelance projects. Whatev.
  9. Develop an ass. I'm pretty sure it's there, but it's still not much to look at. Because that, my friends, would require exercise.
  10. Take care of cuticles. What was I thinking about when I wrote this? I don't care about my cuticles.
  11. Make one new, decent friend. A dear friend from my past found me, so check!
  12. Don't take things personally. I need a neutral third party to help me keep score on this.
  13. Finish family tree. Hmmm. I'm pretty certain I've learned all I'm going to learn. But I did just meet my grandmother. At Macy's. You read that correctly. Yeah, it's that kind of family.
  14. Use gym membership--or save the damn monthly payment. Hmmm. Um, while I'm extraordinarily kind in essentially paying the light bill for my gym, I'm not exactly visiting my gym. At all. Not good.
  15. Sweep more . . . Check! I mean, not a lot. But more. Definitely more.
  16. . . . and sleep more. Check! I will never be the sort who can sleep in on a Sunday, but I'm working on going back to sleep after feeding the cat early in the morning.
  17. Get passport in case I need to make a quick getaway. The paperwork is filled out, but I've neglected to take it beyond that point--which is truly stupid, as this morning my momentary excitement about maybe going to Montreal was dashed when I realized I can't flippin go there without a passport anymore.
  18. Explore a new state. Check! I dove into NYC with a vengeance in February.
  19. Take chances. Nothing jumps out. Must put a stickie on the fridge to remind myself to be spontaneous (just kidding--I'm not that kind of girl).
  20. Swing hips. Check! The extra alcohol consumption (see #1) has assisted me in hip swinging on several occasions (e.g., Brooklyn wedding, Boston birthday, 4th of July cabin [our hour-long tribute to MJ]).
  21. Less thought, more action. Damn, definitely still thinking too much.
  22. Be a woman--hot, feisty, confident. #1 has helped, but I still need to work on this.
  23. Be unbearably, intolerably selfish. Er, as a woman living alone there's no one to a) be selfish around or b) appreciate my selfishness. However, Millie might have thoughts to share on this.
  24. Make it work, or move. #11 has really helped me feel better, but the jury's still out. The frustration: I know I have a good situation. I'm just feeling like a few key things are not in order and I'm not sure where the fulcrum sits between these two sides of the coin.
Looks like I've got some work ahead of me over the next five months.

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