Sunday, August 24, 2008

Roses in salty air

This weekend I went to Fuller Gardens in Rye, NH. It's a beautiful rose garden on an old estate virtually across the street from the ocean. The weather was perfect, and the mix of rose scent and salty air was girlishly intoxicating.

The rain we've received this summer has hurt some of the plants, but there was still plenty to see. I was able to get several shots of beautiful roses that were in bloom, though the number of buds I saw tells me next week it will be even more beautiful.

To the side of the gardens is an incredible little Japanese garden. From the bright sunshine, one steps into a dark wooded area maybe a quarter the size of a football field. There are interesting trees and huge koi in the central pond. It was an incredibly peaceful, quiet spot. The pictures are probably too small to pay it justice.

Across from Fuller Garden is the most adorable chapel, subtly placed in the woods. It reportedly seats 90, and many people are married in the chapel and have their reception at the gardens. Looking at the scene (chapel, ocean, roses), it was the first time I've ever considered having a conventional wedding of any sort. It was that sweet.

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